Introductory Design

Introductory Design courses are designed to build foundation skills in visual communication design. Students learn how to analyze typography through looking, through reading/discussion and through working with type. The grid is introduced and utilized in all projects. The design process is employed with individualized and group critiques. Students are required to blog about typography, design work that interests them, and readings required for class. Advancement in learning industry-wide software techniques is also embedded.

Book Cover Design for Print and Mobile
1. Madalene Thumma
2. Abby McCarthy
3. Zachary Powers
4. Taylor Trohalis
5. Kendra Streeter

The project below is an interactive mobile tablet newsletter. The newsletter would be disseminated by AIGA. The AIGA brand was utilized as design inspiration for the overall look. Type News is a fictitious head mast. The project was created by Abby McCarthy.

Interactive newsletter pdf (click image to download)

AIGA interactive newsletter by Abby McCarthy