Introduction to Digital Art

Introduction to Digital Art is a course designed for a variety of students. The course provides a basic understanding of the Design Elements and Principles. Students use the computer as a tool for the process of creative art-making. Projects range from self-portraits, drawing exercises, photo manipulation, digital storytelling, and game development. During the semester students work independently or in teams to broaden their interpersonal communication skills.

Digital Storytelling examples (because of large sizes opens on Vimeo):
“Take the Time” by Jeremy Cassell
“The Doorway to the World” by Grant Hodgdon
“My Backyard” by Kelly Landers
“The Old House” by Lan Gong
“every saturday” by Erin Beck
“Paramnesia” by Matthew Henn

Self-Portrait examples
1. Brian Wicks
2. Waldemar Cruz
3. Jalen Gardner