Introduction to Information Graphics

Introduction to Information Graphics is a course designed for a variety of students. From research to rendering, students learn how to interpret and visualize information to create graphics such as charts, maps, guides, instructions, and illustrated diagrams. Students conduct research, generate data and finally create visualizations for print and screen.

“Mapping Your Day” Information Graphic
1. Jessie Kohn “Wide Awake”
2. Jamiel Johnson “Healy’s Saturday Adventure”
3. Mary Dukurno “My Day Written in the Stars”
4. Rebecca Rugar “An Art Students Day”

App Icon and Mobile Screen Design
App icon and screen design is the focus of the project examples below. Students needed to research either a woman or Native American for their project’s theme. An app icon was first designed with an initial screen design following.

Examples 1 & 2: Caitlyn Lester, Icon and screen design for Kateri Tekakwitha
Examples 3 & 4: Kai Hansen, Icon and screen design for Tashunka Witko or Crazy Horse
Examples 5 & 6: Mark Raleigh, Icon and screen design for Sitting Bull
Example 7: Terry Dwight, Icon design for Clare Barton
Example 8: Jesse Kohn, Icon design for Mother Theresa