McCoy Gallery installation, and new work from Composite Series, Patriot Series, and Palindrome Drawings

The exhibition Saints, Sluts, and Sirens closed in December 2018. It was at the unchArted Gallery in Lowell, MA. The exhibition was filled with great work, mostly created by women. I exhibited What does it take to be loved? from the Patriot Series.

I just submitted some work from the Silent Witness Series to a peer-reviewed exhibition in North Carolina. If accepted the exhibition opens in March 2018. Look for an update within a month and I will share the details.

I just finished self-publishing two books, Silent Witness and Connecticut Dances: a visual history exhibition project. Soon they will be up on the website for purchase.

This June there will be an AIGA Design Educator’s Conference in Indianapolis, IN at the Herron School of Art and Design. I submitted a short paper abstract on redesigning the Graphic Design program at Merrimack College—I call it my “hybrid program.” If accepted I will be traveling to Indiana to present my work.

I continue to chair the Clare Gallery, in Hartford, Connecticut, and curate many exhibitions. Since 2003 the Clare Gallery has been exhibiting professional artwork focused on world religions, inter-faith themes and social justice themes. We are going into our fifteenth year. I am currently working on a book documenting the 15 year history. I am hoping for publication next fall.

I have been able to secure a Provost Innovation Fund Grant to support an undergraduate research position for a Studio Art major. This would be a yearly position to oversee the newly formed Austin Hall exhibition gallery and the newly organized Merrimack College Art Collection. The gallery is brand new. I have been working with the Provost to establish this for the College. The Art Collection was in need of organization and management. Being able to employ a student each year is beneficial in so many ways.

I have been Associate Professor of Visual and Performing Arts at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts since 2015. I direct the Graphic Design program, I am interim director of the Studio Arts program, and I co-direct the Film Studies minor. I am thrilled to say things are cooking! New collaborations with Engineering, Health Sciences, Computer Science, and English provide interdisciplinary opportunities for my students. New courses and avenues for students to learn strong design thinking, processes, and analysis is what excites me. The design and studio art student exhibition will be April 12th. Exciting!